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The Kenyan Collection

The Kenyan Collection Pink Dots Belt Wide

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Kenyan Collection Beaded Belts

Kenyan Collection Beaded Belts are unique and beautiful works of art that are the perfect accent to jeans, breeches, and casual wear. These lovely leather belts are hand-beaded and crafted in Kenya. The "Maasai Mamas" create beaded designs to proudly share with the world, earning income for their families with leather goods that are practical as well as stunning to look at.

  • Hand Beaded in Kenya
  • Durable Leather
  • Hand Cast Hardware
  • Black Leather: Indigo Stars, Silver Disc
  • Brown Leather: Arani, Earth

Kenyan Collection Beaded Belts start with the beading. It takes a Maasai Mama 2 days to create the beading for a belt. She has artistic freedom for each design and is encouraged to safeguard cultural integrity. The beading is hand sewn onto the first layer of leather. A workshop in Nairobi adds hand-cast hardware and a second layer of leather. The result is a strong, supple, leather belt with beading that will be a unique part of your riding or everyday wardrobe. Mary's has the Indigo Stars and Silver Disc designs on black leather and the Arani and Earth designs on brown leather.

Sizing Instructions:

Women choose 2 sizes larger than pant size;

Men choose 1 size larger than pant size.

You can also measure one of your current belts from the beginning of the leather at the buckle and to the hole that fits you best.

Each Bead Color Has a Meaning:

White: Cow's Milk that nourishes; purity, health of tribe and lifestock
Black: Daily struggles, unity, harmony, solidarity
Orange: Gourd used to share milk; hospitality, genrosity, friendship, warmth
Green: Land; nourishment, production, roots, protection of one's territory
Yellow: The Sun; fertility, growth
Purple: Wealth, pride, creativity
Red: Bravery, strength, unity

Blue: Color of the Sky that provides for water, energy and sustenance to the Masai Tribes and their livestock