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Equine Industry

Trust Sweet Iron Baby Pelham Waterford

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The Sweet Iron bits are made of iron and have the well-known blue colour, obtained by heating during production. When in contact with (humid) air, Sweet Iron develops a rusty surface that tastes sweet and naturally stimulates the horse’s saliva production. This causes the horse to foam more, which in turn improves the acceptance of the bit. This rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue colour of the TRUST bits into silver or brown-grey, a desired effect of the Sweet Iron bits. When temporarily not using a Sweet Iron bit, an orange-brown layer of rust may appear on the mouthpiece. This can easily be removed by wiping the bit with a damp cloth. The orange-brown rusty layer is not harmful. Sweet Iron bits are suitable for all horses and help the horse to foam more, resulting in a better acceptance of the bit. The Sweet Iron collection offers the widest variety of mouthpieces, each with its specific purpose. The Baby Pelham is a cheekpiece with combined leverage on the poll, just behind the ears, and the chin. It can be used with one or two reins, but if you choose to ride with one rein, this must be done with a connection between the large and lower loose ring. The strap used for this is called a Pelham strap. The greater the leverage effect, the bigger the impact. The Baby Pelham has short shanks and therefore it has a milder effect than the normal Pelham. This bit comes with a curb chain, which should be well-fitted. The Waterford mouthpiece consists of a series of elliptically shaped links. This mouthpiece is usually used with horses that are heavy in the hand and have difficulty relaxing the jaw.