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EquiFit® Anatomical Jumper Girth with T-Foam Liner

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The EquiFit® Anatomical Jumper Leather Girth with T-Foam™ Liner makes this ergonomic girth one of the most comfortable and beneficial girths on the market. It conforms to every horse, every time. T-Foam™ (memory foam) absorbs shock and vibration and is highly breathable. Double elastic at both ends and stainless steel roller buckles ensure easy and optimal adjustments. T-Foam is the original memory foam that was developed by NASA and was used in astronaut seating to absorb the tremendous force and impact of lift-off and landing. It has found many applications in the medical industry, including as wheelchair seating, operating tables and other areas where comfort, stability, protection and pressure relief is key. T-Foam is temperature sensitive. When it’s cold, T-Foam hardens; when it’s warm, it softens and conforms to your horse's unique shape. When it’s cold, it is recommended that T-Foam liners or pads be held against the horse’s back or inside your jacket to warm them up before putting them on the horse. Then, check and readjust fit, if necessary, after a few minutes. Made in the USA Care instructions: While T-Foam™ can be machine washed and dried, do not dry on high heat as this will cause it to shrink. Hand wash leather shell.