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Hoof pick used for grooming to remove foreign material form the hooves after riding and every day activity. 7 inch plastic handle with hardened steel pick and stiff nylon bristles.

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Equi Essential Black Hoof Pick Brush w/ Comfort Grip


Ergonomic plastic handle hoof pick with metal pick and stiff plastic bristles.

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HKM Hoof Pick Allure

  • plastic bristles
  • good grip
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Hoof Pick with Brush


Tempered steel hoof pick with super stiff nylon bristle brush and handle with grooves for easier gripping and comfort. Measures 6" long.

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Intrepid Hoof Pick w/ Rubber Grip
Hunter Green

Intrepid Hoof Pick w/ Rubber Grip


Rubber grip hoof pick with brush hoof pick and the brush on the same sturdy tool. Check out the handle - rubber coated with a grip this will be great to hold onto in the cold or when your hands are wet.

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