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Arc de Triomphe Instant Gag


Convert any bit into a Gag and back again with this handy training aid. Simply slip over the crownpiece and run the ring ends through the bit. Reins can be added to the rings or attach your snaffle rein to the gag for a more direct contact. Safe, affordable and all riding styles will benefit in the right hands. Available in Brown/Standard Size.

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Camelot® Round Lip Strap


Correctly styled lip strap in famous Camelot® quality leather.

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Equi-Essentials Rubber Martingale Ring Brown


Made in a rubber compound.

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EquiEssentials Rubber Rein Stop Brown


Use with running martingale.  Made in rubber compound.

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Equus Martingale Ring
Equus Martingale Ring – Black Black
Equus Martingale Ring – Brown Brown

Equus Martingale Ring


Premium soft polymer rubber. Made in England

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Equus Rubber Rein Stops Twin Pack


Premium soft polymer rubber. Made in England

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Leather Lip Strap
Leather Lip Strap – Black Black
Leather Lip Strap – Havana Havana

Leather Lip Strap


Made from high quality leather.
14" long

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Ovation® Snap End Cheek Pieces Horse


Make bit changes a breeze with these snap end cheekpieces. 5/8".

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Red Barn 1/2″ Flash Strap Brown


Red Barn 1/2" Replacement Flash straps.

Options: Plain: 1/2″ Black & Brown

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Red Barn 5/8″ Flash Strap Brown


Red Barn 5/8" Replacement Flash straps

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Red Barn Detachable Flash Stap Brown


Red Barn Detachable Flash straps

Detach: 1/2″ 

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Red Barn Leather Keeper Runners Pair


This product is available in two colors; Black or Nut Brown.

Leather Keepers (Runners) are sold & priced individually - not in a pair.

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Red Barn Snap-On Detachable Flash Strap Brown


Red Barn Snap-on Detachable Flash straps

Snap on: 1/2″ Black & Brown

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Walsh Instant Gag With Crown


Turn any bit into a gag bit without the hassle of changing cheek pieces. The instant gag goes on any bridle either over the crown piece or under (like a Bradoon Hanger), leaving the rope/rings to slip through the bit ring and attach to either the snaffle rein or a second rein of the rider's choice. Easy on and off without having to remove your bridle or change the cheek pieces.

Made of the finest Havana leather, durable nylon rope and stainless steel hardware.

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Walsh Leather Blinkers


Designed for horses that are nervous or need help focusing forward. Made with our rich and sturdy leather with Velcro® and soft chap leather closures.

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