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Boot Cleaning Brush Scraper


Boot Brush and Scraper, Shoe Cleaning Brush, Outdoor Boot Cleaning Brush, Floor Mountable, 9" L x 6" W x 4.5" H, Black / Natural

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Cadillac Boot Care

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Effax® Boot Polish Black 75 ml


Effax Boot Polish. Simply apply using the integrated sponge and then polish for a glossy shine. Because Effax Boot-Polish is extremely dirt and water repellent, the leather can be polished up again very quickly. Simply perfect for all kinds of leather riding boots.

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Effax® Leather Care Case


The Effax® Leather Care Kit packs all the brand’s best sellers in a plastic case to ensure neat and easy travel. This collection of high-quality products makes keeping your leather tack and boots cleaned, conditioned, protected from water and dirt and in top condition for long wear. The polishing cloth included is an easy way to give your leather a glossy shine.

This kit includes:

  • Effax Leather Balm Mini or Leather-Cream Soap Mini (chosen randomly). The balm nourishes, protects and restores leather, making it supple and less likely to tear. The cream soap cleans and conditions leather, with no need to use water.
  • Effax Leather-Combi Mini with natural lanolin, avocado oil and beeswax cleans deeply and nourishes leather without making it greasy.
  • Effax Boot Polish adds shine to riding boots and creates a dirt-resistant, water-repellent finish to make future shining even easier.
  • Effax Speedy Leather Shine with sponge is a quick and easy way to shine up leather.
  • Effax Shoe Brush removes even stubborn stains
  • Microfiber cloth deeply penetrates into the leather fibers.
  • Sponge is perfect for the thorough care and cleaning of the leather.

Made in Germany.

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Effax® Speedy Leather Shine


Simply apply effax Speedy Leather Shine to boots, saddles, bridles or bags made of any kind of leather and they will shine beautifully as if they have been polished.

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Ego7 Polish Boot Cream


EGO7 boot cream, is a cream polish designed to soften , revive and protect the skin of your boots. Used daily it will make the skin exceptionally elastic and resistant to stress, with a nourishing action it regenerates the leather bringing it back to an optimal state, guaranteeing high protection from external agents. The emollient properties allow quick and easy cleaning and at the same time act with a polishing action , improve flexibility and significantly extend the life span of your leather products.

  • 200ml pack
  • Black
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Fiebing’s Boot Cream Polish
Fiebing’s Boot Cream Polish – Black Black
Fiebing’s Boot Cream Polish – Dark Brown Dark Brown
Fiebing’s Boot Cream Polish – Medium Brown Medium Brown

Fiebing’s Boot Cream Polish


Fiebing's Boot Cream Polish is a unique wax blend that is rich in natural waxes that condition, re-color, and polishes finished, grained and smooth leather shoes and boots. Excellent for covering scuffs and scrapes. Buffs to a high gloss shine.

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Fiebing’s Shoe Stretch It


Fiebing's Shoe Stretch It, stretches shoes in the tight spots where they grab the most. Expands treated areas without weakening the leather. Good for use on all leather, suede and nubuck shoes. Completly safe for application while shoe is worn. Will not harm skin or stockings.

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Tarrago Self Shine Kit Applicator Top


Self Shine Cream Kit its a pigmented cream enriched with carnauba wax (5% of its composition), known as “the queen of waxes”, because it provides a lasting shine, nourishes and ensure a water and liquid protection without buffing and brushing the surface.

Its sponge allows easy and comfortable application on smooth, natural and synthetic leather. The hydro alcoholic base formula does not contain oils or silicones.

 Not suitable for suede and nubuck.

  • 50 ml / 1,79 fl.oz glass jar.
  • Applicator sponge.
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Tarrago Self Shine Kit Applicator Top

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Tucci Boot Polish Black


Indispensable to maintain the ideal moist and proper leather elasticity and to maximize wear resistance, it provides surface protection to guarantee longer lasting beauty of the boot.

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