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Hoof Care

Effol® Green Hoof Ointment 1L

Effol® Hoof Ointment helps ensure healthy hoof growth. This hoof…

Effol® Hoof Oil with Applicator Brush 475ml

Effol® Hoof Oil provides all-round protection to support healthy hooves.…

Effol® Hoof Ointment 500ml

The classic product - a valuable product for over 100…

EquiFit® HoofIce™

EquiFit®  HoofIce™ is the safer alternative when icing hooves. Just…

EquiFit® Pack-N-Stick HoofTape – 6 pack

With EquiFit® Pack-N-Stick HoofTape say goodbye to that annoying roll…

Equine Hoof Soaker Sack Kit

Ideal for soaking or icing a horse’s hoof. Fits most…

Groom’s Hand Derma 360 Wound Spray

Highly effective against wounds, rain rot, ringworm, scratches, girth itch,…

Groom’s Hand Thrush Solution

Groom’s Hand Thrush Solution®NO WASTE - NO RUNOFF - NO…

Hoof Wraps Equine Replacement Pads 2pk

Comfort and protection for a horse’s hoof! General purpose pads…

Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner for Horses 15oz

Complete hoof protection, even in the driest or wettest conditions.…

Intepid Hoof Shoe

THE NATURAL HOOF SHOE A replacement shoe that is almost…

Mobility Equine Hoof Soak

For hooves with sole and frog damage caused by abscesses,…
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